In accordance with the ACT Government recommendation patrons to venues around Canberra are strongly encouraged to wear face masks for the safety of themselves and others. Face masks must be designed or made to be worn over the mouth and nose and should fit securely around your face to provide the wearer with protection against infection. We encourage you and other participants to visit for all relevant information in accordance with ACT Government policy. Please contact us for any further information in regards to your visit to Escape Rooms Canberra.

CHECK-IN CBR: Please note that in accordance with A.C.T. COVID-19 policy, everyone who attends Escape Rooms Canberra MUST check in with the Check-in CBR app. This is not an in house policy, and both we and the customer can be fined if we do not comply. We apologise for any and all inconvenience this causes.

C O V I D 1 9

We require a $40 deposit to finalise your booking. If a booking needs to be rescheduled within 2 business days (48 hours) of the experience, or in the event of a cancellation, the $40 deposit will be forfeited.

Arriving 15 minutes after the start time of your booking will forfeit the booking entirely.

C A N C E L L A T I O N   P O L I C Y