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nuka passiona – 16

queen v passionfruit vodka, passoa passionfruit liqueur, passionfruit, lemon, clear apple juice

if you hadn’t already guessed it, it’s a passionfruit-based martini that is just the thirst quencher you need after saving the world

nuclear winter - 16

canberra underground spirits vodka, wild brumby pink lady apple schnapps, sour apple, apple juice

appletini, crisp and chilled, made with smooth, top shelf canberra vodka. just what you need to cool down with after saving the world.

ultraviolet - 16

ink gin, butterfly pea, lychee, lime, grapefruit bitters.

lychee and grapefruit pair well with ink gin to make this a flavour explosion. sweet, but the citrus it will show you it's true colours.


the boom button - 16

havana 3, strawberry liqueur, strawberry sour, lime.

a classic strawberry daiquiri with a hint of sour to keep you on your toes


wasteland margarita - 16

kah day of the dead tequila blanco, cointreau, lime, watermelon, agave


a desert classic of tequila, lime and agave with a watermelon twist

the house on the hill

the afterlychee - 16

mermaid tears vodka, paridiso lychee liqueur, sweet + sour, coconut, lychee

a lychee martini that’ll stare right into your soul. it’s sweeter than it looks and just a little bit tropical.

the witch's heart - 19

unicorn tears raspberry gin, chambord, cointreau, lime, cranberry, housemade grenadine.

an enchanting gin based cosmopolitan with rich berry flavours that shimmers with unicorn tears (no unicorns were harmed in the making of this cocktail)

harvest spice - 16

fireball cinnamon whiskey, bailey's irish cream, apple juice, pumpkin spice syrup

on paper this one shouldn't work, but it absolutely does! the spices and the apple pair well with the creaminess of the bailey's to make this one sweet, full and refreshing all at once.

burnt at the stake - 19

the gospel australian solera rye whiskey, orange zest, rosemary, smoke

an old fashioned that will smoke before your eyes. made with the gospel australian solera rye whiskey mixed with hints of herbs, orange and bitters.

classics, revisited

mr keller's miracle elixir - 16

queen v passionfruit vodka, st germain, blue curacao, sweet + sour, lime, passionfruit.

sweet, fun and colourful. packed with an assortment of different flavours, it's sure to make you feel like a kid in a candy store

black magic woman - 16

canberra underground spirits caramel vodka, canberra distillery coffee liqueur, baileys, salted caramel, wood & co. espresso.

a salted espresso martini that is sourced from canberran ingredients, because no one does coffee better than us.


circus monkey – 19

monkey 47 gin, flamingo tears pink grapefruit gin liqueur, lillet blanc, grapefruit, lime, agave

monkeys and flamingos take centre stage in this cocktail that is more serious than it sounds

 phoenix colada - 16

phoenix tears spiced rum, malibu coconut rum, coconut syrup, pineapple, citrus, grenadine.

rise from the ashes with this spiced pina-colada, made using shimmering phoenix tears spiced rum and all the best parts of the classic tropical cocktail


heaps normal quiet xpa (0.5%) - 6

great northern (3.5%) - 6

rover henty street ale - 6

hawkes lager - 7

furphy refreshing ale - 7

capital brewing co. strail pale ale - 8

capital brewing co. coast ale - 8

bentspoke brewing co. easy (3.5%) - 7

bentspoke brewing co. barley griffin - 8

bentspoke brewing co. crankshaft - 9

bentspoke brewing co. sprocket IPA - 10



somersby sweet apple cider 440ml - 7

batlow cloudy apple cider - 8

kaiju crisp apple cider - 8

apple theif pink lady cider - 9



elephant in the room chardonnay - 12

crafters union sauvignon blanc - 12

crafters union pinot gris - 12

take it to your grave shiraz - 12

take it to your grave pinot noir - 12

selected rosé - 12

selected prosecco - 12

we can also change any menu item to suit your desires.
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