The Rooms


Mr. Keller’s Magic Emporium, a place where fun never dies.

You’ve applied for jobs all over town but nowhere is hiring… you. You've even tried the strange toy shop downtown, run by the enigmatic ‘Mr. Keller’. A few days later you receive a letter in the post; it’s Keller inviting you back for a job interview, of sorts. He’s left you a series of tasks and puzzles; if you can complete them in 70 minutes or less then the job is all yours. If not, well that's your own bad luck.


'Exciting, novel, fun and challenging... By far the best escape room experience that I have had...

The best story I have seen unfold in an escape room'


Difficulty 3/5. Success Rate: 59%. Recommended for groups of 2 - 4.


Sound familiar?

There's been talk of witchcraft ever since a mysterious illness struck the town of Salem. Hysteria is setting in and fingers are itching to be pointed. Margret Coulter-Rose has been seldom seen since the death of her husband and daughter It's said that an evil presence pervades the House on the Hill. It's said that the devil has crept in. The town elders have sent you into the house to find enough evidence of witchcraft to bring Margret to trial.

Be warned though; Margret doesn't take too kindly to visitors anymore, and the old house, with it's creaks and groans, is said to be even less accommodating.

'This is an excellent, high quality room and highly recommended escape room'



Difficulty 5/5.  Success Rate: 33%. Recommended for groups of 4 - 7.


The world has already ended. The promise of mutually assured destruction wasn't enough to stop the superpowers of the USA and the USSR from unleashing their nuclear arsenal. Now there is only desolation and waste. But there's still hope. Small bands of survivors have emerged into the wasteland, the human race survives by a thread, but the threat isn't gone. Amongst the savages, a madman has risen who believes that the human race is a disease and the only way to truly save the world is to finish the work of our predecessors and wipe the human "parasite" from the face of the earth. He has found the last nuclear bunker and flipped the doomsday switch. You are part of a small band of survivors who have infiltrated the Vault and it is up to you to cancel the launch and stop the apocalypse. Can you save the world and escape the Vault? Your job is to stop the launch, survival is not guaranteed.

'We did the Vault last night and it was so much fun! The effort these guys put in is next level and it's really reflected in the high quality of the rooms and the customer service.'


Difficulty 4/5. Success Rate: 43%. Recommended for groups of 3 - 6.