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    Yes, you definitely can! Better still, if you book a session online that is starting in the next 24 hours, you will recieve a 10% discount off your entire booking! Just click the 'Book Now' button anywhere on our website to make a booking. If the session you are looking for says 'Call to Book' please give us a call on 6281 5729, or contact with us via the chat or email function with your desired time, experience and group size and we will do our best to book you in!
    We only allow groups of two participants to book if there has been another booking made during the same timeslot or the one before it. If the two player option is greyed out when you are making your booking, it means that this requirement has not been met for your desired time. We have this rule in place because it actually costs us more money than we make to run a two player room. This is why we try to group it with other bookings. We still love having groups of two players, and if you give us a call, we will try our absolute best to accommodate your booking.
    Yes, you can! If you have fully paid for your experience, and our cancellation policy allows, you are able to cancel your booking or rebook it to another time/date directly from your confirmation email! If you have only paid the deposit, you can call us on (02) 6281 5729 or email us at to make any changes to your booking. Please note for Double and Triple Room bookings, any removal of participants must be finalised 24 hours prior to the time of the booking. The price will be set 24 hours out from the booking and will be charged on the day of the booking.
    ANY participants aged 14 or younger MUST be accompanied by an adult player in each room booked. The adult must be a paying participant if the group has 4 or fewer players, per room booked. For groups with 5 or more players per room booked, the adult may not have to pay if they are only supervising. This only applies to a single adult player. if there are more than one adult players in the room, all adults will have to pay. If the adult is actively participating in the room, they will be charged for the experience. We do not recommend the experience for children under the age of 10. Suitability We often get asked if the rooms are suitable for younger children, and while we have had children of all ages participate in the escape rooms and enjoy themselves, we have had others get scared and overwhelmed in the room. We cannot make any recommendations either way as the experience varies greatly from individual to individual. We encourage parents to look at the descriptions and photographs of the rooms which are found here (Curio, The Vault & The House on the Hill) before determining the suitability of the escape rooms. Pricing For Kids The price for the experience is the same for children as it is for adults. However, children five years old and under can play for free.
    A booking fee of ~5.5% is charged at checkout when using our online booking portal. The full booking fee will be added in full to any payments you make toward your booking when using the online checkout. If you do not wish to pay this fee, please call or email us to book your session.
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, Afterpay, Google Pay and Apple Pay in our online booking portal. We can accept Visa, Mastercard or Amex over the phone. Cash is preferred when paying in-store. Full payment is required when booking for bookings of less than $150. A deposit must be paid for all other bookings. The remaining balance can be paid in the intervening time between making your booking and your booking date. A booking fee of 5.5% is charged at checkout when using our online booking portal. The full booking fee will be added in full to any payments you make toward your booking when using the online checkout. If you do not wish to pay this fee, please call or email us to book your session. Final payment for all bookings is required at the start or end of all experiences. We can take cash, card, or charge a card on file if that has been previously set up. Escape Rooms Canberra reserves the right to charge any card on file if the booking date has passed and any outstanding payments still apply to your booking. Escape Rooms Canberra reserves the right to charge any unpaid booking fees to a card on file if the booking voids our cancellation policy.
    You will start with 60 minutes on the clock and will get an automatic 10 minutes of overtime. We require groups to arrive a certain time before the starting time of your booking (your confirmation email will specify this). We also ask that you budget a bit of extra time for a team photo and a debrief at the end of your experience. All-in-all, we recommend you budget at least an hour and a half from arriving to saying goodbye, unless you are using our bar Garden Party, then we recommend budgeting at least another hour on either side of your booking (depending on whether you are using the bar before or after your experience) to have a couple of drinks and wind down!
    Absolutely not! Even if you only book for 2 participants, you will only be in the room with the participants in your booking.
    Make sure to bring reading glasses if your eye sight isn't 100%. Other than that, a water bottle is a good idea (don't overdo it, you are locked in a room). We do allow mobile phones in the rooms, however we do not allow photography or recording of any kind. No food or drinks other than water are permitted inside the room.
    You're never actually locked in the rooms and can leave whenever you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. All staff are trained thoroughly in emergency procedures. If you would like to see any of our certifications, please don't hesitate to ask! We have undergone numerous regulation tests to keep up to date with ACT and Australian laws. Each room is fitted out with smoke detectors, emergency lighting and exit signage. The building is fitted with fire safety equipment and carbon monoxide sensors.
    An escape room is an inherently stressful situation. There is always the factor of racing against the clock that brings adrenaline, and in each of our rooms, things will happen that you will not anticipate. While you are never trapped in a room without an escape, we do not recommend our rooms for people prone to claustrophobia or panic attacks. Because we cannot know the limits of an individual, we encourage you to know your own limits or to come out to the shop beforehand to have a look inside our rooms and see for yourself if you will be able to handle it. ​ We can make the rooms a touch less scary, but this needs to be arranged before the day of your booking. Children 16 years old or younger are not permitted to be alone outside the rooms, so if they do need to leave the room because it is too scary, a parent or guardian must stay with them at all times.
    A lot of the puzzles in our escape rooms are based on, or rely upon colour in their logic. While this is not every puzzle, there is a fair amount of puzzles in each room that will rely on colour to be solved.
    Our rooms are all wheelchair accessible, however, due to size constraints and a few other factors, some rooms are easier than others to navigate in a wheelchair. We recommend The Vault or Curio rooms first for wheelchair accessibility, then the House on the Hill, however since it is on a raised floor there is a small step to get in and another small step to get into another room. The entrance to the store has a slight step, so when you arrive please notify us and we will set up our portable ramp. To make your experience as seamless as possible, we ask that you contact us before booking to confirm wheelchair dimensions and arrival times so we can confirm everything for your experience.
    If you have done both of our rooms and are craving another, we recommend checking out the Riddle Room at or Revelation Puzzle Rooms at for other excellent escape room experiences in Canberra or if you are in the area then we definitely recommend checking out The Cipher Room in Newtown at! Also, keep an eye on social media for some new exciting developments just around the corner.
    Cancellation Policy Any cancellations, or changes to the time of your booking, must be confirmed at least 48 hours, or 120 hours (5 days) during Peak Season, prior to the starting time of your booking to receive a refund of your payment or to transfer your payment to a new booking. Any cancellations or changes made within 48 hours, or 120 hours (5 days) during Peak Season, will be subject to our cancellation policy, and we cannot refund or transfer your deposit. For bookings that have been paid in full, cancellations that void this policy will forfeit the cost equivalent to Two Players per room booked for your experience. Bookings cancelled within two hours of being made will be eligible for a refund. Payments made with a gift card or vouchers will also be subject to this cancellation fee and will be charged to the same value if the cancellation policy is voided. Please note that all cancellations and changes must be confirmed to be deemed valid. You will receive a confirmation email when your booking has been cancelled or changed. If you do not receive this confirmation message, please contact us, as your booking has not been cancelled or changed and will still be subject to the cancellation policy. Voicemails will not be accepted as cancellations.
    Weekday Pricing Standard 2 Players - $50PP 3 - 7 Players - $40PP 8 - 14 players - $37.5PP 15 - 21 players - $35PP Within 24 Hours 2 Players - $45PP 3 - 7 Players - $36PP Weekend & Peak Pricing Standard 2 Players - $55PP 3 - 7 Players - $45PP 8 - 14 players - $40PP 15 - 21 players - $37.5PP Within 24 Hours 2 Players - $50PP 3 - 7 Players - $40PP Our Peak dates for 2024 are: - January 1st to January 31st - April 12th to April 29th - July 5th to July 23rd - September 27th to October 13th - November 1st to January 31st, 2025 Public Holiday Pricing Standard 2 Players - $60PP 3 - 7 Players - $50PP 8 - 14 players - $42.5PP 15 - 21 players - $40PP If your number of participants drops below the threshold for a new pricing tier, your price will revert to that tier. All items at the bar carry a 15% public holiday surcharge.
    By attending Escape Rooms Canberra, you and all other participants agree: That all details provided are true and correct to the best of your knowledge That the puzzles in the game rooms remain the intellectual property of Escape Rooms Canberra and that you will not disclose the details of any puzzles nor obtain, copy or reproduce them without the express written consent of Escape Rooms Canberra. To follow all COVID-19 safety measures required by Escape Rooms Canberra. To follow all RSA safety measures required by Escape Rooms Canberra. To the following terms and conditions: Privacy: 1. Any information customers provide will be used only by Escape Rooms Canberra for marketing purposes. 2. A team photo is available for free at the end of your session. Please request this with a staff member at the beginning of your booking. 3. Escape Rooms Canberra does not store credit card or other transaction information. The customer provides payment information to our third-party payment or booking services to complete the transaction. Supervision: 3. An adult must supervise players under 14 in the rooms. Players between the ages of 14 and 16 must be accompanied to the booking by an adult, but the adult does not need to supervise them in the room. Health and Safety: 4. Escape Rooms Canberra reserves the right to refuse player participation in a game based on health and safety concerns. Surveillance: 5. Players will be placed under visual and audio surveillance when on the premises. Rules: 6. Personal items such as mobile phones, cameras, etc. are permitted in the rooms but must not be used to take photos or videos of anything inside the room. A mobile phone that can make phone calls is required for The Vault room. a) Food and drink items, besides water, are not permitted in the game rooms. b) Escape Rooms Canberra will provide a locker for players to secure personal belongings before the game commences. The customer will receive the key to this locker. c) Escape Rooms Canberra is not responsible for any items or belongings of players. All items and belongings held in the security lockers or otherwise are done so at the player’s own risk. 7. All players must behave appropriately whilst on the premises of Escape Rooms Canberra. This includes: a) Players must always follow the rules and instructions set out by Escape Rooms Canberra staff. b) Not attempting to deliberately damage, maliciously tamper with or use excessive force on items and fittings within the game rooms. c) Not being on the premises whilst under the influence of illicit substances. d) Not smoking or vaping on the premises. e) No inappropriate, offensive or abusive behaviour towards staff or other patrons. f) No criminal behaviour. Any violation of these rules is grounds for immediate cancellation of the game and forfeiture of all game fees. Reporting to Police: 8. Escape Rooms Canberra's management and staff will report any criminal or suspected criminal activities to the police or any other relevant government body at their discretion. a) Escape Rooms Canberra reserves the right to give any and all information, including but not limited to contact and identifying information, to police or any other relevant government body in the case of criminal or suspected criminal behaviour. b) Escape Rooms Canberra reserves the right to disclose any and all relevant security and in-room audio and visual recordings to the police or any other relevant government body in the case of criminal or suspected criminal behaviour. c) Escape Rooms Canberra reserves the right to cease any experience with forfeiture of all game and bar fees and expenses in case of criminal or suspected criminal activity or the case that police must attend the premises. Liability: 9. Players agree that games are played at their own risk, and Escape Rooms Canberra does not accept liability whatsoever for any injury, disability, incapacity, death or damage otherwise. By participating in the Escape Room Activity, players agree to the aforementioned Terms and Conditions.



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