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PLAYERS:  2 - 7

Recommended Players :  3 - 5

Difficulty : 2.5/5

Success Rate : 68%

Recommended for anyone who LIKES a challenge.

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"tHE WORLD HAS ALREADY ENDED. you won't be saving it.

the promise of mutually assured destruction wasn't enough to stop the superpowers of yesteryear from flipping the doomsday switch. now there is only desolation and waste, but where there is life, there is hope. small bands of survivors have emerged into the wasteland; the human race hangs on by a thread and yet there are those who would see it cut for good.

In the wasteland a cult has emerged that believe the human race to be a disease, crawling over the world and leaving decay and ruin in their wake. They believe that the only way to save the world is to finish what our predecessors had begun and wipe humanity from the face of the earth.

The cult has gathered into an army, and has taken control of the vault containing the last of humanities great weapons, and have set them to blow. 

This is where you come in. You are part of a small band of survivors that have infiltrated the vault, and it is up to you to stop the launch and cancel the apocalypse.

Can you get inside the vault within 60 minutes? can you escape with an army closing in? You won't be saving the old world, but you might just save the new one."