You have 70 minutes to unravel the mystery of a hidden room, working as a team of 2-5 to solve a variety of quirky and inventive puzzles to escape.


Can you find your way to the thrilling conclusion and escape the room in 70 minutes or less?






Our puzzles will test all of your abilities – be prepared to flex your mental muscles to solve lingual, visual, mathematical, spatial, physical and lateral brainteasers.







One of Canberra's definitive escape room experiences. Be one of the first to experience the new wave of interactive entertainment.






You simply can't escape by yourself. Team up with friends, family and workmates to discover Canberra's newest team building outlet. Enter together, escape together.



There is a heavy cloud that covers the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Livestock have been struck down by sickness and townsfolk complain of molestations from the invisible world. They fear the occult; arts of malignant evil and wicked vengeance, and all fingers seem to point to The House on the Hill. Rumour has it that the widow who lives there is using witchcraft to try and summon a portal from the natural world to the unnatural one.

They have sent you to the house to investigate. You have 70 minutes to find your evidence and escape the house. But be forewarned, if a portal does open, then you will need to shut it quickly, for the demons that have been in there the longest will be the most eager to escape.

Players :  2 - 7

Recommended Players :  4 - 5

Difficulty : 4/5

Scare Factor : 1.5/5

A thrilling escape room with supernatural elements. A few jumps, but not overly scary. Not recommended for children under the age of 12.

Success Rate : 55%

Not really recommended for first timers.

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The world has already ended. The promise of mutually assured destruction wasn't enough to stop the superpowers of the USA and the USSR from unleashing their nuclear arsenal. Now there is only desolation and waste. But there's still hope. Small bands of survivors have emerged into the wasteland; the human race survives by a thread but the rebuild has begun. Still, the threat of destruction lingers on. 
In the wasteland, a madman has taken control. He believes that the human race is a disease and the only way to save the world is to finish the work of our predecessors and wipe the human "parasite" from the face of the earth. He has gathered an army, found the last Nuclear Vault and flipped the doomsday switch. You are part of a small band of survivors who have infiltrated the Vault, and it is up to you to cancel the launch and stop the apocalypse.


Can you save what's left of the world? Can you escape the Vault with the madman's army closing in? Survival is not guaranteed.


Players :  2 - 7

Recommended Players :  3 - 5

Difficulty : 3.5/5

Scare Factor : 0.5/5

An intense atmosphere with a few jumps. Not overly scary.

Success Rate : 55%

Recommended for anyone who wants a challenge.



2 - 7 Persons


Larger Bookings

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We accept cash and card payments in-store.

Price includes booking fee and GST.

A 2% processing fee is added to all card and over the phone payments.

Children under the age of 5 play free.

Public Holidays have a minimum charge of 4 players ($160)

Please note that 2 player groups will be priced at $50pp and 3 player groups will be priced at $45pp during daytime bookings (9 AM to 3:30 PM) from Monday to Thursday.


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